Global company in GRP industry with cutting-edge facilities and leading technology

CEO Message

We’re creating a future through the latest facilities & technological innovation.

SANGWON ENG, Creating A Future

Global company, SANGWON Co.,Ltd., specializes in producing GRP products including water tank, door, bathroom material, and construction material. Located in Gimhae and Hwaseong, SANGWON’s plant and research institute continues to develop technologies and produce the leading water tank and door, which are recognized world-wide for its high quality.

In addition, with SANGWON’s philosophy of placing our customers first, we contribute to technology innovation, quality improvement, and increase value-added through management based on trust with our customers and production.

In order to carry out customer-centered management, SANGWON recognizes strict quality management and environmental protection as our top priority. SANGWON adopted ISO Quality Management and Environmental Management system early on and strived to develop into an environmental-friendly company with our customers.